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#1571 xchat always launch chrome web browser


XChat 2.8.8, Linux 3.2.0-38-generic [x86_64/1.81GHz]
Ubuntu 12.04

When launching a web browser for a link, xchat always launches chrome even when my system's default web browser has been set to firefox.


  • Namaavo

    Namaavo - 2013-05-24

    This is how i solved this exact problem, and what seams to have caused it for me.

    Uninstall every other browser, leave only firefox installed.

    in the Firefox Preferences, Advanced panel, General tab, click Make Firefox the default browser.

    i then installed chromium again, and urls in xchat have opened in firefox since then (about a week).

    When it happened.

    Urls started opening in chromium after i updated firefox from
    v20 to v21 through the update manager in linux mint 14 mate 32bit.
    i had xchat running while i ran the update.

    After the update i noticed that leftclicking on urls opened them in chromium,
    i clicked the Make Firefox the default browser button, but it had no effect,
    so i checked the default browser in chromium but they said (and still do),
    Chromium cannot determine or set the default browser.
    Rebooting changed nothing.

    I saw in xchat > settings > advanced > url handlers..., that the only entry was
    Name: Open link in Opera
    Command: !opera -remote 'openURL(%s)'

    so i installed opera, and now the urls in xchat started opening in opera.

    That's when i decided to uninstall every other browser than firefox.

    XChat 2.8.8, Linux 3.5.0-28-generic [i686/2.41Ghz]

  • Namaavo

    Namaavo - 2013-05-26

    Update, i found a better way of solving the default browser issue.

    Install Alternatives Configurator

    then in the left panel, at the bottom, select
    there one can select the default browser.


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