#1523 X-Chat Locks up when tab list to large


Version: 2.8.9
Compiled: Aug 28 2010
Windows: 6.1 (Windows 7)
Processors: 4 (Level 16)

I have the user list on the right side. Switched from Tree to Tabs, put TABS on Left side.
When tabs (servers, or channels) expands beyond the available window area (when it'd normally create scroll bars), x-chat will freeze. I have to KILL the process to exit... so I don't get a crash report. I've let it sit saying (not responding) for 10 minutes and it still will not respond, completely crash, or anything else..

While it's frozen and not responding. if I look at the tabs it's kind of flickering, like it's trying to expand or do something.

I have completely uninstalled x-chat, and re-installed it. as soon as I put the tabs under the user list and open more channels than will show without scroll bars, it freezes up again. I can reliably duplicate this issue.

At first I though it was when I opened up the mode list, but very recently I discovered it will freeze up anytime the tab list tries to expand to show scroll bars.


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