Brian Evans - 2010-08-09

as I stated to the user in #xchat, I believe that this implementation would lead to potential exploits, and so I am opposed to the inclusion of this behavior. (Links that could easily cause users to perform commands that they are not expecting).

Upon investigating the issue further, and in continuation with some statements made, what has been proposed isn't a standard, isn't close to a standard, and is currently in draft stage, and has not made any progress in 7 years from a draft stage. As such, this isn't a "bug" so much as not implementing a feature that Chatzilla has, and is the only client I am currently aware of that does.

Due to potential exploit behavior, I am opposed to inclusion in XChat's source, but even if it were, the only real way this would get implemented is if Kangarooo were to create this patch, but even then, it is not a for sure thing. Again, I believe this has potential exploit usage.