#1193 On auto-reconnect XChat may auto-select the wrong nickname


XChat 2.8.4/Linux.

I'm connected to three different networks. For two Networks me is using the global nickname settings. For the third network i have used individual settings in the network-options.

If i get disconnected from all three networks at the same time (happens when my ISP disconnects my connection every 24h automatically) my nickname will be changed.

This is normal since the old nick is still there as a "ghost". By default XChat is using the next nickname from the list of three specified in either the global settings or, if specified, form the individual settings for each network.

If i disconnect multiple times without changing my nick manually it happens that the third network with the individual nicknames specified is using one of the global nicknames, even if two of the others nicks specified in the network settings could be used (the third one my be still there as a ghost).

If i scroll back in the irc-window i can see that:

--- nick2/local already in use. Retrying with nick2/local..
--- nick2/local already in use. Retrying with nick3/global..

That means i was connected with the 2nd nick from the local network nickname settings. After i got disconnected xchat tried to connected with using the 2nd nick again. Since that was in use it tried to connect with the 3rd nickname from the global settings...


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    Anonymous - 2007-08-24

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    The wrong selection of the nickname from either the global or the local network settings happens to me also if me is only connected to the network where i use network specific nicknames. After three timeouts and automatic reconnectiing xchat-2.8.4 started to use a nickname from the global nickname list.
    Maybe this is because there are three nicknames in the global list but for local network settings you can only specify two nicknames for each network?


  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2007-09-29
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    • summary: Wrong usage of global/local nicknames after auto-reconnect --> On auto-reconnect XChat may auto-select the wrong nickname
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    Anonymous - 2007-09-29

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    I did some more testing and tried to demonstrate the bug on #xchat/freenode. Still no response. Here is a way to reproduce the problem: In XChat, specify three nicknames in the global network settings: GLOBALA, GLOBALB, GLOBALC. On a single network, for example freenode, add some network specific nicknames like NICKA, NICKB. Then connect to that network. You should now known as NICKA.
    Now you need to timeout... for example unplug your network cable, then reconnect to the network. Since NICKA is still in use xchat
    will use NICKB. Now wait until NICKA (your old nick) will time out and disappear. You have to timeout again (unplug the cable again) then reconnect to the network. Instead of re-use NICKA XCHAT is now switching to the global nickname list and is using GLOBALC as nickname. To me this makes no sence: Why can you specify network specific nicknames if the global nicknames will be used as a fallback?

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    Anonymous - 2008-11-29
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