gilson redrick - 2003-09-11

I used x-cd-roast a bit, earlier this year, when I was running Mandrake-9.0, and it worked well with this Toshiba SD-R1202.

For months, I was busy with other things, among them learning how to "tame" RedHat-9. Some weeks ago, I tried to use the x-cd-roast which came with it (v-0.98alpha13). All went well until I was ready to burn the CD, when I got "cdrecord: Input buffer error, aborting. input buffer ready. cdrecord: fifo had 1 puts and 0 gets."

I wasn't surprised I couldn't make it go with RH, so I turned to my old, trusted Mandrake-9.0, where x-cd-roast had worked well in the past. Now, it gave the same error! I can't understand why, since I haven't changed anything whatsoever in M-9.0.

Back to RH-9, I d'd xcdroast-0.98alpha14. The first hurdle, it asked for "a recent release of cdrtools." I d'd cdrtools-2.00.3. It went well. I try xcdroast './configure,' which reports "glib -config could not be found." I d'd glib-2.2.3, which installed well. I go back to xcdroast './configure,' which now reports, "can't find glib -config."

Now, what? What else do I have to do?

g.r. (in /usually/sunny, balmy Florida's Suncoast.)
[This is an Intel-free, M$-free computer. Not by chance: powered by
AMD-Duron running Mandrake-9.1/Linux-2.4.21 and RedHat-9/Linux-2.4.20]