#5 xcdroast hardcoded scanbus feature considered harmful


What if I dont want to wait each time for bus scanning
?!? Do I always have to have those 5 seconds at the
begining of cdroast to wait for cdrecord to scan the
bus ? Why isn't this an option ? I would even think
that it's better if that would be a button INSIDE
cdroast and not some kind of default behaviour. In
addition to all of this users of xcdroast need to make
"cdrecord -scanbus" work or otherwise they get errors
from xcdroast. The problem is that with ATAPI recorders
people can only get "cdrecord -scanbus dev=ATAPI:" to
work. This means that they can never stop xcdrecord
from showing errors on startup. I know about the -f
flag but I don't want to specify it EVERY TIME I start
cdrecord. In summary I would like:
1. Flag in the config file to disable automatic
scanning at start. Default "true" (or it can even be
"false" if there will be a "scan" button inside xcdroast).
2. Option in the config file to say which command will
be run for scanning (if I enabled it via the first
flag). Default "cdrecord -scanbus".
3. These two options should be in the default config
file installed by xcdroast so people can see those and
change them.

Please make a note that after people set up a
cdrecorder they usually DONT NEED any scanning for
about a couple of years (until they switch to another
recorder). This means that scanning every time is a
HUGE waste of resources and users time.


  • Thomas Niederreiter

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    Hello Mark,

    please note that X-CD-Roast exists for 6 years now. The
    device scanning
    at each startup exists also as long. Usually that scanning
    takes almost
    no time. (Under one second). Now I added experimental
    support for
    ATAPI and scanning of ATAPI devices takes much longer.

    Disable the new ATAPI support and you get the old "quick"
    Of course you need to use SCSI-Emulation then.

    Some future version of X-CD-Roast might treat ATAPI
    different. There
    are million of ways to get X-CD-Roast doing what you want. Write
    some wrapper to use the -f function until there is a new



  • Thomas Niederreiter

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