#2963 PMR29163 - chvm broken after 2.7.2 upgrade


Problem description
Since upgrading from 2.6.1.. to 2.7.2, we can no longer run chvm to assign adapter slots to the correct octants. Unfortunately we had some bad h/w and the assignment of 2 slots reverted to octant1 - this means we are unable to get the SAS adapters assigned to a storage node and thus cannot run benchmarks, etc for post upgrades. We need to be able to assign these slots ASAP.

The CEC is at standby with no octants activated. I have tried this on several CECs and also a different cluster - same problem.

This is the command and output:

> cat s2a12.res | chvm s2a121-hf0,s2a122-hf0,s2a123-hf0,s2a124-hf0,


s2a12: It doesn't have the FSPs or BPAs whose side is the value as
specified or by default.

Efix is attached below:

copy and save the orginal /opt/xcat/lib/perl/xCAT/FSPvm.pm
copy attached FSPvm.pm attached below to /opt/xcat/lib/perl/xCAT/FSPvm.pm
restart xcatd daemon


  • John Simpson

    John Simpson - 2012-07-03

    efix for chvm command

  • John Simpson

    John Simpson - 2012-07-03

    The xcat AIX emgr efix is attached below. Install the emgr efix and restart the xcat daemon to apply the fix.

  • zhao er tao

    zhao er tao - 2012-07-05

    I had checked in code with svn revision 13229 for branches and 13230 for trunk.

  • Lissa Valletta

    Lissa Valletta - 2012-09-18

    This is fixed in release 2.7.4 and 2.8

  • Lissa Valletta

    Lissa Valletta - 2012-10-19

    checked PMR database, it is closed

  • Lissa Valletta

    Lissa Valletta - 2012-10-19
    • status: pending --> closed

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