#2854 updatenode -f does not work to diskless nodes


updatenode <node> -f looks down /install/custom/install/<os> for the synclist for both diskfull and diskless node.

When you run updatenode <diskless node=""> -f. it will not update the service node.
The problem is in the SvrUtils->getsynclistfile() routine.
It calls xCAT::SvrUtils->getNodesetStates($nodes, \%insttype_node);
This routine looks at the information for the last boot of the node. In both the diskless and diskfull cases this is set to "boot"
It think at one time it must have had "netboot" for diskless.
In any case based on this status, the SvrUtils->getsynclistfile(), if boot = install
Looks in the /install/custom/install directory for both the diskless and diskfull node. The file is not there for diskless, should be netboot
First should we not just be using provmethod for this determination, not the last boot request information?
Second, there was very little debug information. It just returns done, so I would like
This is because the error processing for the synclist not being there is not working. I want to add the error and also to write to syslog, each time what is the full path to the synclist that we are running.


  • Lissa Valletta

    Lissa Valletta - 2012-05-17

    So the problem is the code looks for boot type in /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/<nodename> but this compute nodes information is only on the Service Node not on the MN. It then defaults to boot.
    I am going to assign to Ling since I am out tomorroe.

  • Ling

    Ling - 2012-05-21

    Fixed in xCAT 2.7.2 (revision 25850) and trunk (revision 25849).


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