#2307 please update doc Setting up PE in a Stateful Cluster

Jing Sun

Please add create an image_data resource in the AIX part in the doc Setting up PE in a Stateful Cluster.
After I setup a stateful cn, the size of /opt is too small to install pe.rte. The /opt should be enlarged in image_data resource.
So I defined my own image_data. I added the image_data resource to xcat osimage.In the next diskfull setup, /opt was bigger,and pe.rte. was installed successfully.


  • Lissa Valletta

    Lissa Valletta - 2011-11-10

    Linda this was assigned to sjing along time ago. Do you know what it refers to and can fix it.

  • Lissa Valletta

    Lissa Valletta - 2011-12-13

    Please update the document as indicated and if it already updated then set this defect fixed and pending.

  • Jing Sun

    Jing Sun - 2011-12-13

    I have update the HPC integration doc for PE stateful, please verify it here:

    (Optional) Enlarge the size of /opt:

    If you are using PE v1.1.0.0 or beyond, you may need to enlarge the size of /opt for your compute nodes to make the install of PE packages success. One way is to define the image_data NIM resource, enlarge the size of /opt in it, and specify the image_data to your osimage.

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