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Support Apache Tomcat users, roles, manage web applications

With Xcarecrows 4 WS, release 1.3.0, manage Apache Tomcat users and roles. Deploy, start, stop, reload, undeploy your web applications with a GUI.

Posted by Sandrine Soudant 2007-08-09

Support Apache Tomcat 6.0.13

- Support Apache Tomcat 6.0.13
- more effective GUI

Posted by Sandrine Soudant 2007-06-11

Support of Axis2-1.2

Xcarecrows 4 WS is fully compatible with Axis2-1.2.

Posted by Jean-Michel PATER 2007-05-15

Installer for Windows platforms

Thanks to NullSoft Installer, Xcarecrows 4 WS is provided as an installer. Xcarecrows 4 WS is easier to install and uninstall on Windows platforms.

Posted by Jean-Michel PATER 2007-05-15