#1 XCA on OS X?


Has anyone been able to build XCA on a recent version of OS X
(10.3.3)? I'd be happy with a pre-built binary if someone can get
this to compile. I'd be happier with instructions (that work) on
compiling on OS X, without needing to resort to Fink.


  • Christian Hohnstaedt

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    If there is device available on the net with ssh enabled,
    I could try to build it there, or drop me a mail
    containing the build logs

  • eelbait

    eelbait - 2004-04-15

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    I finally managed to get it to build on OS X using Qt 3.3.1/Mac and
    BerkeleyDB 4.2. I applied the MainWindow.cpp.patch, and the program
    does run now -- sort of.

    When the program starts, the first dialog prompting for the new database
    password is visible but it appears behind all other windows. The window
    does not have focus and clicking on it does not bring it forward. There
    seems to be no way of activating the program's window to give it focus.
    Even closing all other applications does not activate XCA.

  • Christian Hohnstaedt

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    Originator: NO

    Last year I had access to an OSX device and managed
    to create a working application and a .dmg installer.
    It worked perfectly, and the Makefile contains an xca.app and xca.dmg target
    for that purpose. Please try it if you are still interested.

  • Christian Hohnstaedt

    There is a working image for Snow Leopard.

  • Christian Hohnstaedt

    • status: open --> closed

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