Hooonza *) - 2008-08-04

Hallo, can anybody help me with renewing keys? I do not understand it at all:
I understand how xca makes new keys: http://xca.sourceforge.net/xca-9.html#ss9.7 . But, how I can get new keys to applications (without exporting keys with private keys)?

I think when I make a renewal I do not need to export private keys together with certificates so I can send a new certificate by email to anybody and he would do renewal by himself. I saw it last week I did a renewal of keys of an official CA and they didn´t send private keys but they sent certificates and a script (I do not understand it) of HTML or ActiveX maybe. When I ran it keys were completely renewed.

Now, XCA: If I make a new copy of an original key with a new date then I get a new key. If I export it from the xca without a private key (so that I can send it to anybody by internet) how can he join the new key (*.cer) with the old private key in Thunderbird or where ever yet (Windows certificate manager) e.g.?

Or, how to manage it with the XCA? I am just going to be mad about it and I cannot find the way anywhere. Thanks!