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  • Sendido

    Sendido - 2007-11-21

    Hi, Please, can anyone help me...

    When trying to import in Internet Explorer 7 under Windows XP SP2 a numerical certificate created with XCA with algorithm SHA256 (and other with algorithm SHA512), windows signal that they are invalid, while it is perfectly imported and are acknowledged in Firefox under XP, Netscape under XP, and also in Internet Explorer 7 under Vista.

    I would like to know if he has an updating of XP or IE to be made or any other manipulation to import it in Internet explorer under XP. I don't found any discussion about this problem on the web.

    Thanks for your help, it's VERY important for me, because, I can't create certificate with SHA1.

    Thanks again.

    • Christian Hohnstaedt

      This behaviour is expected.

      As far as I know (I'm not a windows user):
      Internet-explorer uses the cryptoAPI of the operating system,
      Firefox comes with its own implementation.

      Windows up to XP cryptoAPI doesn't know the RSAwithSHA256 OID.
      Vista does.

      So iexplore.exe knows it on Vista, but doesn't on XP.


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