Extended Validation?

Yuji Saeki
  • Yuji Saeki

    Yuji Saeki - 2012-11-09

    Got extended validation support? Howto? (From a stance, friend to friend non-world kind)

  • Christian Hohnstaedt

    EV certificates come with a special Certificate-Policy and in fact their security is not based on stronger encryption
    but the policy defines higher validation measures than only checking for a requestor being able to recieve postmaster@website.org mails to issue certificates for www.website.org.

    EV CA cert policy OIDs must be registered with the browser-manufacturers.
    If you only want to create such a certificate, take an original one, import it into XCA
    and look at their extensions and also read and understand:

    I don't think that importing such certificates (and getting a green "Organisation" in the URL) into web browsers is as easy as importing ordinary CA certificates.

    But I'm really not an EV cert specialist.

  • Pawel

    Pawel - 2015-12-15

    You can create your own EV Certificate. You have to meet the requirements:
    - Windows Vista and upper
    - You see "green bar" only in IE.

    In attachment you can see my own Certificate EV create by XCA.


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