CVS version problems

  • Doncho N. Gunchev

        When creating new certificate request after the "Source of the subject" there is combo I could select aditional fields and [add] them, now it's empty and nothing can be added (commonName, surname, serial number...).
        Templates in the database seems to be incompatible. The old version (0.4.6) says "Error loading <template_name> Wrong Size (pki_temp)" when I open the database.

        ps: I'm happy to see more tooltips and help comming :)

    • Christian Hohnstaedt

      This content can be set by the user now.
      oids.txt: add private oids to known-oid table
      dn.txt: oids used in "DN"
      eku.txt oids in "Extended key usage"
      They were initially installed in /usr/share/xca,
      but since they are config files, they were moved
      to /etc/xca/.
      But "make install" in misc/ still copied them to /usr/share/xca.

      "cvs up" should help.

      User defined eku, dn in $HOME/xca/[oids|eku|dn].txt do take precedence.

      I will investigate the "template issue"

      • Doncho N. Gunchev

        About  oids.txt, dn.txt and eku.txt - my mistake, sorry.

        I updated today (2004-04-14) and with rpm:
        %{__make} destdir=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT prefix=/usr install
        dies with:
        | make[1]: Entering directory `<base>/rpm/BUILD/xca/doc'
        | linuxdoc -B html xca.sgml || true
        | Processing file xca.sgml
        | gzip -9 <xca.1 >xca.1.gz
        | /bin/sh: line 1: xca.1: No such file or directory
        | make[1]: *** [xca.1.gz] Error 1
        so I 'mv doc/ doc/xca.1' to fix it.

        ps: 10x for xca, I really like it very much.

    • Christian Hohnstaedt

      The Problem is the version number.
      It must be spreaded over X files and is
      done when creating the distribution.
      The details are in the toplevel Makefile
      at the target "dist:" .spec, .nsi, .man, .base.h
      This is done when creating a distribution package.

    • Christian Hohnstaedt

      >The old version (0.4.6) says "Error loading <template_name> Wrong Size (pki_temp)" when I open the database.
      Yes this behaviour is correct, templates from 0.4.6 will be updated to the new format, if changed in 0.4.7. But obviously the old app has no clue of how to handle the new format.
      So it will not be loaded and silently ignored in 0.4.6.
      Did I already mention to always have a backup of your database when playing around with the CVS version ?


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