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Java version of parser is packaged and released

Java version of parser 0.0.1 is packaged is released along with xj demos.

Posted by Constantine A. Plotnikov 2004-02-10

UPDATE: Java version of parsser

Java version of parser, now with language extesiblity support is put in CVS. Also grammar for XJ language was developed, but currently it is under testing.

See modules "xj" and "gtl" in cvs. Code works, but it is very difficult to use due lack of utilities.

Posted by Constantine A. Plotnikov 2003-07-07

UPDATE: first performance measurements

.NET Term parser have been converted to pull pull model. Also first performance measurements or parsing have been performed.

For 100002 (>2 mb) line file that contain repeated text:

package test;
class public HelloWorld {
to static public main(args:array[String]) {
System.out.println("Hello, World!");

The parsing time on PIII 866 512MB of PC133 with .NET runtime was 00:00:16.1732560 and for 10004 lines 00:00:01.7625344. ... read more

Posted by Constantine A. Plotnikov 2002-11-14

UPDATE: Term parser for HelloWorld

Term parser for hello world sample created.

A gtl2xml tool is written and works so and gtl file could be converted to xml file.

Term parser is written in C# and available as "df" module in cvs.

Posted by Constantine A. Plotnikov 2002-08-11

segment syntax doc is posted

I were experimenting with python-like segment syntax lately. Such syntax have much more simple error recovery, which were a problem with java-like sysntax. Term sysntax part is being written, but do not expect anything very soon.


Posted by Constantine A. Plotnikov 2001-08-02

some changes

Metadata changed one more time. It is completly reworked. Syntax have been reworked to resemble Java's one. Some changes are in CVS but they do not work yet. I plan 0.0.3 version that will be able to generate xml tree from hello world. Parser is under work and it will interpret internal determinisitic bytecode during parsing and constructing xml tree. Bytecode will be generated from quite typical LL(1) parser.

Posted by Constantine A. Plotnikov 2001-01-20

metadata is changing

I'm working on changing metadata for paraser. I'm doing a specialization of it for my parser. I found several common patterns and will use better names for them instead of current varaints.

Posted by Constantine A. Plotnikov 2000-10-17

Project finally is in CVS

The project was put to CVS. All changes will go in the main branch so far.

Posted by Constantine A. Plotnikov 2000-10-04