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Validating an instance doc against a taxonomy

  • Moo

    Moo - 2009-03-25


    I've been researching the XBRL API solution today, and was hoping to find an example of validating an incoming XBRL instance document against a defined XBRL taxonomy (XSDs and XLinks).  I haven't had much success.

    Is there such an example available?

    Thanks & regards,


    • Geoffrey Shuetrim

      The API does not do XBRL validation at this stage.  However, you can write your own validator using the API if you have the time.  You are the second person in the last two weeks to ask tho.  Once I am comfortable with handling of large relationship networks (something I expect to sort in the next week or two) I will put some thought into what can be done with the limited resources available to address validation.


      Geoff S

    • Moo

      Moo - 2009-03-26

      Thanks for the prompt reply Geoff.

      To be honest I can't say I'm familiar enough with XBRL to write my own API; from a programmer point of view we just want to throw the taxonomies and the XBRL instance document at an API and have it give us a boolean "it's valid!!" response.  As such we're in a hunt for tools and yours is often listed as one of the few open-source efforts, though unfortunately not fit for purpose in our specific use case.

      Well done on work to date and actually offering the API up as an open-source library, not too many people would bother to do this.




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