#48 can't install xfedora core 3



I'm a Linux newbie and purchased a second hand xbox to
install Linux for my own 'education'.
I went though the 'Mechinstaller process' which worked
like a charm and installed the mini linux on the system
and added 'Linux' to the dashboard menu.
What I don't understand is how to install the Fedora
Core 3 distribution I've downloaded. I've also
downloaded the xfedora boot disk. When I insert the
Fedora Core 3 DVD into the Xbox (before or after
dashboard is loaded), I get a message saying that the
disk is not an xbox game disk or a video DVD or a music
CD. When I insert it after selecting 'Linux' from the
dashboard menu and after the mini-linux started,
nothing happens. On the other hand, the xfedora boot cd
boots the system but I don't understand what I'm
supposed to do with it.
Can somebody explain me what are the steps to do to get
Fedora up and running on the hard diskof the Xbox?

Many thanks in advance.


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