Storage Groups?

  • Adam Windisch

    Adam Windisch - 2008-07-02

    Does xbmcmythtv work with the new MythTV Storage Groups?  For now I can create some sym-links to get it working, but that will get old fast.


    • jezzaaaa

      jezzaaaa - 2008-07-15

      In XBMCMythTV you specify an SMB share, and you can only specify one.  If MythTV has multiple directories, you'd have to somehow join them into the one share, perhaps with some vfs magic on the backend.  I'd just script up the symlinks and be done with that.

      The new cmyth enhancements to the most recent XBMC builds seem to use the MythTV protocol to stream a show, so it's likely that the backend storage location wouldn't be a problem.  However, I'm not as happy with the seeking capabilities (ff, rew) when using this.  YMMV.

    • Adam Windisch

      Adam Windisch - 2008-07-23

      Thanks for the reply Jeremy.  I was looking through the forums and that new frontend seems to have problems.  If someone can figure out how to get the new storage groups working, I think it would work a little better than that new frontend.....for now.


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