Modified themes to go straight to MythTV?

  • David Teirney

    David Teirney - 2008-04-29

    I've modified the latest xTV theme with the latest T3CH release to have a new MythTV menu with nice shiny MythTV icons.

    The existing xTV instructions for XBMC MythTV are unfortunately out of date.

    If anyone is interested in doing the same (or has done a similar mod to any other theme) let me know. I can probably supply a patch file or similar - perhaps to update this script package.

    xTV looks like the easiest theme to mod as the menu structure and look and feel is pretty straight forward.

    Also, if anyone knows how to launch to a particular Source from a menu in XBMC please let me know. I'd like to try going straight to the new myth:// functionality once it's a bit further along.

    • Tippo88

      Tippo88 - 2008-04-30

            I did the original mods for the xTV skin to work with xbmcmythth and apologise for not updating the downloads when the skin changed just forgot to post it.
      I am now using the myth:// functionality for live TV. This works well for me with much faster loading and channel changing than the xbmcmythtv script. There still seems to be some issues with it when dealing with multiple frontends in that you can't watch the same program on two frontends from a single tuner backend and if you start a second frontend you cant tell it to stop streaming to the first frontend and start the second. However for a single frontend setup which is my main use at the moment its pretty good. There is only an extremly basic epg at present and there is no way to schedule recording etc but believe this is being addressed in a Google summer of code project.
      On the skin front xTV doesnt work well with myth:// as its only displays the channels and not the current program when in the live tv screen. I have done some work on this by modifying the List2 view in xTV to show both channel and program and reducing the size of the rotating icons to get sufficient room. I have this working but still have a bit of work to do as the icon rotation is now not 100% perfect. Ideally would to be able to launch the myth:// source straight from the menu and have TV icons instead of the video icons etc.
      Anyway seems like we are working on the same things so perhaps we should work together to adapt xTV for mythtv in its different forms? Where can I get hold of your mods? Regards

      • haffi

        haffi - 2008-04-30

        ok Have I missed out on this, so what are you guys doing, and where can I find some info on this ?
        Are you saying your not useing the python Scripts anymore ? and have some other way to access the mythtv Backend ?
        please post some info where I can look this up, been away for some time and well this sounds exciting. ! :)

    • lingenfr

      lingenfr - 2008-04-30

      There is a mod to the Aeon skin by Rand Al Thor that is very nice. Some of the fonts are a little small, but it is better for me than xTv.

    • lingenfr

      lingenfr - 2008-05-01

      Here is the thread on the mythtv support built in to XBMC:

      Here is the thread on the AEON skin:

      Here is the thread on Rand Al Thors AEON skin mod for mythtv:


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