Anyone upgrade mysql yet?

  • lingenfr

    lingenfr - 2008-08-10

    I see there is a new version of mysql out. I assume it will break xbmcmythtv. I am having some problems on my backend today and almost made the mistake of upgrading.

    • sythious

      sythious - 2008-08-15

      yup I just did I I've just spent an all nighter trying to find a workaround...

      haven't found anything yet. Tomorow I have to face four angry neighbors who don't have tv anymore...

      anyone have insight as to what the problem is?

      I checked mySQL config and the password and IP allocation are still the same though...

      • lingenfr

        lingenfr - 2008-08-17

        For some reason, IANAP, the mysql developers change the authentication method EVERY time they do an upgrade. If you upgrade before someone updates xbmcmythtv, IT WILL NOT WORK AND THERE IS NO WORKAROUND. The only thing that can be done is update the script with the new authentication method. So far, the only two that seem to be able to do so are frooby and philward and they have been pretty quiet. Unfortunately the so far half vast effort in XBMC has taken some of the wind out of the xbmcmythtv sails. Too bad as it is still the best.

        • Anonymous - 2008-08-24

          This doesn't sound quite right... the Myth TV developers change the protocol version number on a regular basis as they add new functionality via the network API.  We typically update the size of the message to match the correct size for the protocol.  Occasionally, the update is more complicated if a field is removed or swapped.  This usually has to be reverse engineered to figure out the correct message size and/or parameters.  This is completely different from the MySQL API.

          The MySQL API does not typically change.  I ported the MySQL python module that xbmcmythtv uses from a Perl or Ruby module that I found.  At the time of writing, MySQL's hashing algorithm was the original algorithm that was later changed to make it more secure.  MySQL supported enabling the old authentication algorithm for compatibility with old applications.  I have not updated the MySQL python module that xbmcmythtv uses to support the newer hashing algorithm.  I haven't looked into any MySQL issues yet but it is possible that the old hashing algorithm has been completely removed from the latest MySQL builds (i.e. OLD PASSWORD no longer works).  If this is the case, then xbmcmythtv will be unable to authenticate with the Myth TV database.

          So, the question is: were you referring to a new version of Myth TV or a particular build of MySQL that is not working with xbmcmythtv?

    • lingenfr

      lingenfr - 2008-08-31

      gimblefoot, you are probably right. I am probably confusing mythtv and mysql. I still am not going to upgrade my backend until someone has verified the new version is working.

    • Floris van de Kamer

      finally, after 3 month's non stop serve mythtv (specially for my xbox-client, thx to you, lingenfr ( ), i upgraded my server. while upgrading i went back to this forum, and get scared a lot! could i still use my good old xbox as a myth-client!!!!
      i kept my fingers crossed, panicked, went to the toilet several times, rebooted my server, rebooted my xbox.....................pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff IT WORKED!!!!!! long live xbmcmythtv, lingenfr, xbox, and ubuntu 8.04!

      good luck, FLoris


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