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Any contact from Frooby?

  • lingenfr

    lingenfr - 2008-03-18

    The lesson for me is that I better look at some other alternatives. My SO and kids won't do without livetv for days at a time. Probably time to grab one of the dusty old machines and see if I can make it in to a frontend. We need to attract another scripter so the entire load is not on frooby.

    • Tippo88

      Tippo88 - 2008-03-18

      lingenfr there is a lot of work going on here on integrating mythtv into XBMC. Although the thread is re the linux branch  the changes are merged with the trunk and so are available in the latest svn XBMC. Currently the focus is on livetv  and watching recorded shoes so no epg etc yet. I have a DNS problem in getting it working on the xbox but seems to work fine for other people.
      I suspect this will ultimatly replace this python script.

    • lingenfr

      lingenfr - 2008-03-19

      Thanks for the feedback. Ultimately is a bit long considering the main TV the family watches will no longer do livetv. My fault certainly for performing the upgrade without checking the compatibility with the script. I will watch for whatever comes first, a working xbmc or an updated script. I was hoping that since the plugin works, it might be straightforward to fix the script. Hopefully one will come soon, but I am going to start digging through my parts heap to try and build enough of a frontend to tide us over. Lessoned learned. I am watching T3CH for a new SVN compile. When he posts one, I will check it out. Thanks.

    • lingenfr

      lingenfr - 2008-03-21

      I guess I'm a dope. I downloaded the latest SVN build from T3CH. It doesn't look much different than what I have. It includes the same 36a script that won't connect to a .21 backend server. I assume that they will rely on frooby to update it for them. frooby... where are you... I guess I am either going to have to try to put together a PC frontend or load one of the linux/xbox mythtv frontends if they have an up to date client. Very disappointing...

    • ankerman

      ankerman - 2008-03-21

      Actually, you can see some progress with this release. I tried it as well on my Xbox, and if you create a new video source with an URL like myth://user:pass@mythbackend/ you get Recordings and Live TV as choices. I only could watch recordings with the 0.20 backend, it did not work for me with the 0.21 backend. Also, Live TV does not work for me. So at the moment I see not much difference with a regular uPNP client.

      I am hoping as well for an updated xbmcmythtv script - it does everything I want, and it is the only thing preventing me from upgrading to 0.21.

    • lingenfr

      lingenfr - 2008-03-22

      It appears that the latest xbmc svn has the .21 libmyth. T3CH has not compiled since 9 Mar. Are there any other reliable sources for compiled versions of XBMC?

    • lingenfr

      lingenfr - 2008-03-25

      New build as of yesterday, still not working for me. If I select livetv or recordings, my xbox locks up. I am going to load the plugin again.

    • lingenfr

      lingenfr - 2008-03-25

      Update. With the latest T3CH SVN build and the version of the plugin that I have, recorded programs would not play until I hit the title button and selected play with DVD player. Gosh this is hard.

    • frooby

      frooby - 2008-03-26

      Hey all... Sorry I have not replied sooner, but have had some personal things I have been busy with so havn't had a chance to do anything else. Over the weekend I should hopefully have some time to sit down and look at the changes/problems and hopefully have them fixed up.

      Sorry again.


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