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--- a/include/vorbis/vorbisfile.h
+++ b/include/vorbis/vorbisfile.h
@@ -27,11 +27,11 @@
 #include "codec.h"
 /* The function prototypes for the callbacks are basically the same as for
- * the stdio functions fread, fseek, fclose, ftell. 
+ * the stdio functions fread, fseek, fclose, ftell.
  * The one difference is that the FILE * arguments have been replaced with
  * a void * - this is to be used as a pointer to whatever internal data these
  * functions might need. In the stdio case, it's just a FILE * cast to a void *
- * 
+ *
  * If you use other functions, check the docs for these functions and return
  * the right values. For seek_func(), you *MUST* return -1 if the stream is
  * unseekable
@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@
   int              seekable;
   ogg_int64_t      offset;
   ogg_int64_t      end;
-  ogg_sync_state   oy; 
+  ogg_sync_state   oy;
   /* If the FILE handle isn't seekable (eg, a pipe), only the current
      stream appears */

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