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[b3da5a] by jack jack

specfile and COPYING added
also made man pages install correctly

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2000-10-30 04:53:52 Tree
[fe47c0] by jack jack

uses libao correctly now (mostly)

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2000-10-30 04:39:21 Tree
[e2e204] by jack jack

ogg123 now builds! it's a miracle!

git-svn-id: http://svn.xiph.org/trunk/vorbis-tools@773 0101bb08-14d6-0310-b084-bc0e0c8e3800

2000-10-30 01:17:23 Tree
[931e32] by jack jack

changes for chained bitstreams

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2000-10-11 04:19:51 Tree
[f35137] by jack jack

good catch kenneth


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2000-10-03 02:28:52 Tree
[86c0d4] by jack jack

vorbiscomment and oggenc now build

git-svn-id: http://svn.xiph.org/trunk/vorbis-tools@708 0101bb08-14d6-0310-b084-bc0e0c8e3800

2000-10-03 02:21:23 Tree
[13b0ee] by msmith msmith

Reverted breakage from Jack's commits (he merged the wrong stuff, oggenc didn't compile).

git-svn-id: http://svn.xiph.org/trunk/vorbis-tools@702 0101bb08-14d6-0310-b084-bc0e0c8e3800

2000-09-27 14:16:01 Tree
[e70187] by jack jack

brought up to date with postbeta2

git-svn-id: http://svn.xiph.org/trunk/vorbis-tools@698 0101bb08-14d6-0310-b084-bc0e0c8e3800

2000-09-27 06:12:32 Tree
[4caa68] by msmith msmith

Looks like this branch was missed when changing to flushing pages after the header packets. Since I'm trying to use it at the moment, having it working properly is useful.

git-svn-id: http://svn.xiph.org/trunk/vorbis-tools@685 0101bb08-14d6-0310-b084-bc0e0c8e3800

2000-09-13 11:48:00 Tree
[cd9798] by jack jack

axed mp3tovorbis (transcoding is bad, and it depended on vorbize)
got vorbiscomment building

git-svn-id: http://svn.xiph.org/trunk/vorbis-tools@680 0101bb08-14d6-0310-b084-bc0e0c8e3800

2000-09-11 07:13:26 Tree
[1b250d] by jack jack

forgot to add these

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2000-09-11 06:32:56 Tree
[89abfb] by jack jack

oggenc compiles now

git-svn-id: http://svn.xiph.org/trunk/vorbis-tools@678 0101bb08-14d6-0310-b084-bc0e0c8e3800

2000-09-11 06:31:35 Tree
[82c09c] by jack jack

cleaned up a bit, started on teh build system

git-svn-id: http://svn.xiph.org/trunk/vorbis-tools@677 0101bb08-14d6-0310-b084-bc0e0c8e3800

2000-09-11 06:21:16 Tree
[9feac2] by msmith msmith

Restructuring of lots of stuff, to make it better and generally neater.
Couple of minor feature additions (--tracknum, --date, etc.)

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2000-09-07 15:10:49 Tree
[ff5b0b] by jack jack

Initial revision

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2000-09-07 00:57:45 Tree