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Vorbis Tools
	by Kenneth Arnold <>


This is an encoder for the Vorbis compression format. For more information on
this format, see the Xiphophorus site:


./configure # in the parent directory
make ogg123 # if on Linux
make install

E N C O D I N G   V O R B I S

Vorbize encodes Vorbis streams. Currently it will not convert audio formats. If
you have audio in a format other than 44.1 kHz 16 bit stereo PCM, use sox(1) to
coax it into the correct format. WAV headers and RAW audio are understood. Type
'vorbize --help' for more usage information.

C O N V E R T I N G   T O   V O R B I S

mp3tovorbis will convert your MP3 files into Vorbis streams using mpg123 and

./mp3tovorbis [MP3 file] [new Vorbis file]

It will prompt you for Artist/Album/Track information, and then decode to a
temporary file. If you do not have sufficient space in /tmp, you will have to
edit the script to use a different directory, or construct a shell pipeline.

A standalone MP3 to Vorbis converter will be available soon.

P L A Y I N G   V O R B I S

Ogg123 can play Vorbis streams to the sound card (assumed to be /dev/dsp). 
If you have a different audio device that still understands OSS ioctl's,
you can specify it with the --device option. Use 'ogg123 --help' for more
options. Decode to WAV is not yet implemented.

NOTE: ogg123 will *not* work on a platform without OSS support. A cross-
platform sound output library will fix this problem.

F U T U R E   P L A N S

I am seriously thinking about an X Window front-end to Vorbize. (or what the
heck, rewrite it). It will likely use Qt, as soon as I figure out how to use it

Have fun.

Kenneth Arnold
AIM: kcarnold
ICQ nick: kcarnold

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