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 debian 2003-09-03 calc calc [f6a9e8] debian packaging update for vorbis-tools 1.0.1-1
 include 2002-07-19 giles giles [535ad4] Protect utf8.h from multiple inclusion and C++ ...
 intl 2002-05-03 segher segher [983214] Just some .cvsignore's.
 ogg123 2003-11-27 volsung volsung [b6f203] Make ogg123 shutdown cleanly when receiving SIG...
 oggdec 2004-01-07 carsten carsten [6d913e] Patch for bug #495, oggdec doesn't recover from...
 oggenc 2003-12-31 carsten carsten [8a212c] Typos.
 ogginfo 2003-11-25 vanguardist vanguardist [01dd25] Properly give them love :)
 po 2003-10-23 segher segher [32aabc] New Belarusian translation. As always, thanks ...
 share 2002-07-03 msmith msmith [387006] Fix a leak in ogginfo.
 vcut 2003-09-15 volsung volsung [247881] Man pages weren't getting included in the tarba...
 vorbiscomment 2003-09-15 volsung volsung [247881] Man pages weren't getting included in the tarba...
 win32 2003-11-18 oddsock oddsock [534664] final (cross fingers) updates to win32 project ...
 .cvsignore 2003-01-18 brendan brendan [cf08df] More autogenerated files
 AUTHORS 2003-09-03 calc calc [5a78af] Update Mike's email address to
 COPYING 2000-10-30 jack jack [b3da5a] specfile and COPYING added
 HACKING 2001-08-23 jsquyres jsquyres [f40c0e] Note to self: run ispell *before* committing to...
 LICENCE.LGPL 2002-05-30 msmith msmith [61837c] Resampling and downmixing integrated into oggenc. 2003-06-24 giles giles [d80cc1] acinclude.m4 is automagically in the dist target.
 README 2003-09-02 volsung volsung [e57bfb] Version bump, and README update.
 acinclude.m4 2003-01-19 brendan brendan [2bd7bf] Pay attention to $ao_prefix = "yes" and "no" (c... 2002-07-11 calc calc [a788b4] fix so that builddir != srcdir works
 config.h 2002-01-26 segher segher [011e08] Grrr. 2003-10-23 segher segher [32aabc] New Belarusian translation. As always, thanks ... 2000-11-04 xiphmont xiphmont [decc90]
 vorbis-tools.spec 2003-11-17 carsten carsten [b87805] Updated RPM spec by Warren Dukes (shank)

Read Me


This source distribution includes the vorbis tools and nothing else.  Other 
modules (eg, the modules vorbis, vorbis-tools and vorbis-plugins for the 
Vorbis codec) contain the codec libraries for use with Ogg bitstreams.


debian/		debian packaging stuff
include/	header files shared between the tools
intl/		GNU gettext library from gettext-0.10.40 (for i18n support)
ogg123/		an ogg vorbis command line audio player
oggenc/		the ogg vorbis encoder
oggdec/		a simple, portable command line decoder (to wav and raw)
ogginfo/	provides information (tags, bitrate, length, etc.) about 
		an ogg vorbis file
po/		translations for non-English languages
share/		code shared between the tools
vcut/		cuts an ogg vorbis file into two parts at a particular point
vorbiscomment/	edits the comments in an ogg vorbis file
win32/		Win32 build stuff


All of the tools require libogg and libvorbis to be installed (along
with the header files).  Additionally, ogg123 requires libao, libcurl,
and a POSIX-compatible thread library.  Ogg123 can optionally compiled
to use libFLAC, libOggFLAC, and libspeex.  Oggenc can be optionally
compiled with libFLAC and libOggFLAC.  The libraries libogg,
libvorbis, and libao are all available at

The libcurl library is packaged with most Linux distributions.  The
source code can also be downloaded from:

FLAC is available at:

Speex is available at:


The Ogg Vorbis homepage is located at ''. Up to
date technical documents, contact information, source code and
pre-built utilities may be found there.



and as root if desired :

make install

This will install the tools into /usr/local/bin and manpages into



and as root if desired :

make install


RPMs may be built by:

after or configure

make dist
rpm -ta vorbis-tools-<version>.tar.gz