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 icon.png 2014-03-12 sphere sphere [d84e64] [script.grab.fanart] updated to version 0.12.6 2014-04-29 Martijn Kaijser Martijn Kaijser [1a56f0] [script.grab.fanart] 0.13.0

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Grab Fanart


This addon is intended a fix for XBMC Frodo behavior that was breaking some skins I liked to use. In Eden you could cycle through slideshows of your fanart by pointing to the Thumbnails/Video/Fanart or Thumbnails/Music/Fanart directories. With the new image caching system in Frodo a common directory for all fanart was no longer available and this broke a lot of really cool slideshow displays. 

This script uses the XBMC Database to find the source of the fanart files and exposes them via Window Properties so that skinners can still cycle through the art by referencing a single point of reference. 

Using This Addon: 

This addon is meant to be integrated as part of a skin. Currently it can be configured via addon settings in the Programs menu, or by calling the RunScript() function within a script. The parameters that can be set are: 

Refresh Time: How long between property updates. Default is 10 seconds
Mode: Show fanart for recent items (10), or for random items

An example of setting these parameters using the RunScript function would be RunScript(script.grab.fanart,mode=random,refresh=10). If you want to include these settings are part of the regular skin settings you can pass these as parameters to RunScript upon hitting the home screen. 

Window Properties: 

Currently the service part of this addon will update Home window properties that can be used by skinners. The fanart properties are refreshed according to the "refresh" interval. 

script.grab.fanart.Ready - this property is empty until the service has initialized the array of fanart files. It then holds a value of "true". Useful if you skinners want to delay something until the service has started cycling images. Example of use would be: !IsEmpty(Window(Home).Property(script.grab.fanart.Ready))

script.grab.fanart.Global.Title - the title of a random music or video file, 30% chance music, 30% TV, 40% movie
script.grab.fanart.Global.FanArt - path to the fanart image for this media
script.grab.fanart.Global.Logo - path to logo for this media - blank if it doesn't exist

script.grab.fanart.Video.Title - the title of a random video (movie or tv show). There is a 10% chance of this being a TV show. 
script.grab.fanart.Video.FanArt - the path to the fanart image for this video
script.grab.fanart.Video.Poster - path to poster image for this video
script.grab.fanart.Video.Logo - path to clear logo for this video - blank if it doesn't exist
script.grab.fanart.Video.Plot - plot outline of this video
script.grab.fanart.Video.Path - path to the video file

script.grab.fanart.Movie.Title - title of the selected movie
script.grab.fanart.Movie.FanArt - path to movie fanart
script.grab.fanart.Movie.Poster - path to movie poster
script.grab.fanart.Movie.Logo - path to clear logo for movie - blank if it doesn't exist
script.grab.fanart.Movie.Plot - movie plot
script.grab.fanart.Movie.Path - path to the movie file

script.grab.fanart.TV.Title - title of selected tv show
script.grab.fanart.TV.FanArt - path to tv show fanart
script.grab.fanart.TV.Poster - path to tv show poster
script.grab.fanart.TV.Logo - path to clear logo for tv show - blank if it doesn't exist
script.grab.fanart.TV.Plot - tv show plot description 
script.grab.fanart.TV.Path - path to the tv show show (will be the root folder if in "random" mode or the specific episode if in "recent" mode)

These will only have values when the addon mode is "recent"
script.grab.fanart.TV.Season - selected tv show season
script.grab.fanart.TV.Episode - selected tv show episode number 
script.grab.fanart.TV.Thumb - path to thumbnail image of this episode

script.grab.fanart.Music.Artist - music artist name
script.grab.fanart.Music.FanArt - path to artist fanart 
script.grab.fanart.Music.Description - artist description

To use this within a skin, an example would be $INFO[Window(Home).Property(script.grab.fanart.Video.Title)] to show the media title. 

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