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File Date Author Commit
 script.advanced.wol 2012-10-24 M. Kaijser M. Kaijser [4c653c] [script.advanced.wol] -v1.2.2
 script.artistslideshow 2012-10-15 amet amet [4b1e98] [script.artistslideshow] -v1.4.5
 script.artwork.downloader 2012-10-03 Martijn Kaijser Martijn Kaijser [52a6ec] [script.artwork.downloader] -v1.0.19
 script.artworkorganizer 2012-03-24 ronie ronie [d34715] [script.artworkorganizer] -v0.1.10
 script.cdartmanager 2012-06-09 Martijn Kaijser Martijn Kaijser [e67968] [script.cdartmanager] - v2.6.5
 script.commands 2012-07-06 Martijn Kaijser Martijn Kaijser [e980c2] [script.commands] -v1.0.2
 script.common.plugin.cache 2012-10-09 amet amet [7e8469] [script.common.plugin.cache] -v1.3.0 2012-10-01 ronie ronie [66d7c6] [] -v2.1.0 2012-04-18 amet amet [33fe69] [] -v 0.6.9
 script.favourites 2012-07-19 ronie ronie [29e345] [script.favourites] -v3.2.5 2012-08-24 amet amet [136780] [] -v 1.1.0 2012-10-04 amet amet [bc47a1] [] -v1.0.4 2012-02-18 amet amet [28f784] [] -v1.0.1
 script.globalsearch 2012-09-29 ronie ronie [362a89] [script.globalsearch] -v0.2.8 2011-07-15 amet amet [87514c] [] -v2.0.1
 script.gomiso 2012-05-23 amet amet [a7a116] [script.gomiso] -v1.4.1
 script.ibelight 2012-05-16 amet amet [cc5a4b] [script.ibelight] -v1.0.0
 script.image.bigpictures 2012-07-29 Martijn Kaijser Martijn Kaijser [dbc01e] [script.image.bigpictures] -v3.0.4
 script.image.lastfm.slideshow 2012-03-03 ronie ronie [283294] [script.image.lastfm.slideshow] -v1.0.0
 script.linux.nm 2012-06-09 amet amet [626dbc] [script.linux.nm] -v0.1.4
 script.lrclyrics 2012-04-10 taxigps taxigps [da0c9e] [script.lrclyrics] fixed: encoding error when l...
 script.module.beautifulsoup 2011-04-22 amet amet [9f79cb] [script.module.beautifulsoup] -v 3.2.0
 script.module.brightcove 2012-08-06 spiff spiff [8e53fa] [script.module.brightcove] -v1.1.1
 script.module.buggalo 2012-09-24 amet amet [2bde8a] [script.module.buggalo] -v1.1.2
 script.module.decorator 2012-06-12 amet amet [bac977] [script.module.decorator] -v 3.3.3
 script.module.dialogaddonscan 2012-08-03 Martijn Kaijser Martijn Kaijser [6bdba2] [script.module.dialogaddonscan] -v1.1.0
 script.module.elementtree 2011-07-31 spiff spiff [d962b8] [script.module.elementtree] -v 1.2.7
 script.module.feedparser 2012-10-24 M. Kaijser M. Kaijser [d416f2] [script.module.feedparser] -v5.1.2
 script.module.gmusicapi 2012-06-19 amet amet [5a1c0a] [script.module.gmusicapi] -v2012.05.04
 script.module.mechanize 2011-09-21 spiff spiff [1546c0] [script.module.mechanize] initial version (0.2....
 script.module.metahandler 2012-05-16 amet amet [d5eb84] [script.module.metahandler] -v1.0.1
 script.module.mutagen 2012-06-17 amet amet [9b3bf1] [script.module.mutagen] -v 1.20.0 b
 script.module.myconnpy 2011-12-04 amet amet [5b3613] [script.module.myconnpy] -v 0.3.2
 script.module.parsedom 2012-09-18 Martijn Kaijser Martijn Kaijser [3e1100] [script.module.parsedom] -v1.2.0
 script.module.playbackengine 2012-09-13 amet amet [099d27] [script.module.playbackengine] -v 1.0.2
 script.module.protobuf 2012-06-13 amet amet [4c5c39] [script.module.protobuf] -v2.4.1
 script.module.pyamf 2012-06-13 amet amet [c99666] [script.module.pyamf] -v0.6.1 part 2
 script.module.requests 2012-07-15 beenje beenje [ba82c2] [script.module.requests] -v0.13.2
 script.module.simple.downloader 2012-06-25 spiff spiff [e74195] [script.module.simple.downloader] -v0.9.3
 script.module.simplejson 2011-05-12 spiff spiff [348468] [script.module.beautifulsoup] -v 2.0.10
 script.module.t0mm0.common 2012-02-11 amet amet [0bba4d] [script.module.t0mm0.common] -v 1.1.0
 script.module.urlresolver 2012-09-06 amet amet [c3342c] [script.module.urlresolver] -v1.0.3
 script.module.validictory 2012-06-16 amet amet [e40502] [script.module.validictory] -v0.8.3
 script.module.xbmcswift 2011-09-09 Arne Morten Kvarving Arne Morten Kvarving [0eddba] [script.module.xbmcswift] -v0.2.0
 script.module.xbmcswift2 2012-10-07 amet amet [5e5d45] [script.module.xbmcswift2] -v1.2.0
 script.module.xmltodict 2012-10-08 amet amet [e81401] [script.module.xmltodict] -v 0.2.0
 script.moviequiz 2012-07-03 Martijn Kaijser Martijn Kaijser [196006] [script.moviequiz] -v0.5.5
 script.mpdc 2012-01-31 amet amet [483e54] [script.mpdc] -v 2.0.6
 script.mythbox 2012-01-09 amet amet [b95aa8] [script.mythbox] - v1.1.0 - initial dharma commit
 script.njoy 2012-04-26 amet amet [e94398] [script.njoy] -v 0.2.0
 script.playalbum 2012-07-15 Martijn Kaijser Martijn Kaijser [f82af6] [script.playalbum] -v0.0.6
 script.playlists 2012-03-24 ronie ronie [17ba26] [script.playlists] -v0.1.1
 script.pseudotv 2012-03-28 amet amet [86aeb5] [script.pseudotv] -2.1.0
 script.randomandlastitems 2012-08-07 Martijn Kaijser Martijn Kaijser [4006cb] [script.ransomandlastitems] -v1.2.5
 script.randomitems 2012-10-01 ronie ronie [1d33ae] [script.randomitems] -v3.1.7
 script.recentlyadded 2011-05-22 amet amet [bf203e] [script.recentlyadded] -v 3.0.0.
 script.rss.editor 2012-03-27 ronie ronie [c23ade] [script.rss.editor] -v2.0.2
 script.simpleplaylists 2012-06-19 amet amet [4b1f9c] [script.simpleplaylists] -v1.1.0
 script.speedfaninfo 2012-03-03 ronie ronie [cd4754] [script.speedfaninfo] -v0.3.4
 script.statistics.gsoc2012.scraper 2012-06-20 Martijn Kaijser Martijn Kaijser [dad486] [script.statistics.gsoc2012.scraper] -v0.0.4
 script.trakt 2012-08-31 amet amet [c6547f] [script.trakt] -v 1.0.1
 script.transmission 2012-03-15 amet amet [8bc7cc] [script.transmission] -v0.7.1 2012-10-02 ronie ronie [348e27] [] -v4.1.24
 script.tvguide 2012-06-05 amet amet [96df80] [script.tvguide] -v1.3.5
 script.tvtunes 2012-10-06 ronie ronie [78e8d7] [script.tvtunes] -v2.0.6
 script.watchlist 2012-08-08 Martijn Kaijser Martijn Kaijser [ce9767] [script.watchlist] -v0.1.17
 script.web.viewer 2012-08-28 Zeljko Ametovic Zeljko Ametovic [54c54a] [script.web.viewer] -v 0.9.1
 script.xbmc-pbx-addon 2012-03-15 amet amet [09ce66] [script.xbmc-pbx-addon] -v 1.0.10 2012-02-16 amet amet [db4d4a] [] -v2.0.0
 script.xbmc.blindplayer 2012-03-28 amet amet [e5c019] [script.xbmc.blindplayer] -v1.2.3
 script.xbmc.boblight 2012-03-23 amet amet [1aa2f8] [script.xbmc.boblight] -v 1.0.3
 script.xbmc.debug.log 2012-06-16 amet amet [499041] [script.xbmc.debug.log] -v11.0.6
 script.xbmc.subtitles 2012-10-08 amet amet [f94851] [script.xbmc.subtitles] -v3.4.1
 script.xbmcbackup 2012-09-20 amet amet [b18b6a] [script.xbmcbackup] -v 0.1.3
 service.libraryautoupdate 2012-08-24 amet amet [543447] [service.libraryautoupdate] -v0.6.3
 service.watchdog 2012-09-10 amet amet [5a0421] [service.watchdog] -v0.6.3
 weather.ozweather 2012-09-24 amet amet [f13881] [weather.ozweather] -v0.4.3
 weather.weatherplus 2011-12-21 amet amet [0dd0db] [weather.weatherplus] -v3.0.1
 weather.worldweatheronline 2012-02-21 amet amet [7e0e9b] [weather.worldweatheronline] -v1.0.8
 weather.wunderground 2012-03-19 ronie ronie [3c7cb0] [weather.wunderground] -v0.0.9
 .gitignore 2012-02-02 spiff spiff [d3f28d] [script.artwork.downloader] -v1.0.7

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