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[1d92d5] by Martijn Kaijser Martijn Kaijser

[] -1.1.2

2013-01-17 18:34:54 Tree
[28f784] by amet amet

[] -v1.0.1

1.0.1 (02/2012)
* Eden version bump - no changes

0.9.9 (02/2012)
* refactoring: move config wizard to separate module
* refactoring: remove Camelot compatibility code
* bugfix: remove and add Rom Collection in one turn caused errors

Import Games:
* bugfix: import dialog is empty after "Edit offline scraper"

Launch Games:
* bugfix: don't launch emulator if 7z file could not be extracted

0.9.8 (02/2012)
* Add action 92 (backspace) to close dialogs

Import Games:
* bugfix: Developer and Publisher not available in nfo files
* set path to nfo folder
* export nfo files on demand

2012-02-18 15:03:14 Tree
[299507] by amet amet

[] -v 1.0.0

1.0.0 (12/2011)
* Eden version bump - no changes

0.9.7 (12/2011)
* bugfix: loading skin files with PAL resolution might have failed

Browse Games:
* bugfix: imageplacing option "Four small" did not work in Eden

0.9.6 (12/2011)
* bugfix: config was not updated after Edit Rom Collection

Import Games:
* new scraper: local artwork - don't scrape anything, just check for local artwork

Browse Games:
* add video support to MAME views
* Night skin: set focus on console filter when accessing filter controls

0.9.5 (12/2011)
Import Games:
* add scraper to config.xml

Browse Games
* move autoplay video from script to skin
* add new options to "Edit Rom Collection" dialog: autoplay video
* remove imageplacing options with video support
* improvement of browsing and list loading performance
* more filter control interaction: all filter controls will be updated from left to right
* add video support to Night showcase view
* stop video when changing filters or launch context menu
* bugfix: fullscreen video now works auto video playback is turned on
* bugfix: game name does not change after video playback is stopped in game info dialog

0.9.4 (11/2011)
* little refactoring of startup code (better timing and more stability)
* don't crash when import zlib fails (not available with some python 2.6 distributions)

Import Games:
* new scraper:

Browse Games
* filter control interaction: update Genre, Year and Publisher filter when console is changed
* short delay before applying filter selection
* add background and extraImage1, 2, 3 to game info dialog
* add console, version, perspective to game info dialog

0.9.3 (10/2011)
Browse Games:
* support different skins for game info view
* don't reload game list when exiting game info view

0.9.2 (10/2011)
* ignore action id 0

Import Games:
* add download url to nfo file
* update thegamesdb scraper: download screenshot files
* MAME scraper: revert change from 0.9.1

Browse Games:
* refactor game info window
* video in game info window
* add skin selection in addon settings: choose between Confluence, Night and Simplicity

0.9.1 (08/2011)
* Edit Rom Collection dialog
-> friendly name for imageplacing options
-> wizard for new media path
-> default value for file mask
-> check if config.xml has errors before writing
* Edit offline scrapers:
-> if descfilepergame = false: select path to game description (no file mask)
-> wizard for new scraper
-> select box with unused Rom Collection names
* config wizard:
-> if descfilepergame = false: select path to game description (no file mask)
-> better support for standalone games
Import Games:
* Import Options dialog
-> checkbox: Change scrapers for this run
* stop import on general error
* bugfix: error with [] in rom path name (e.g. import of wrong images)
-> changed file check order: 1) rom name 2) game name
* bugfix: error when using exactly 2 scrapers per rom collection
* MAME scraper: removed scraping of flyer images

== Launch Games ==
* support for standalone games: use "%ROM%" in emu Cmd

0.9.0 (06/2011)
* reworked Confluence skin from PAL to 720p
* slight usability changes in Confluence skin (navigation etc.)

Game Browsing
* reworked game info window in Confluence skin
* favorites function
* search function

0.8.12 (06/2011)
* Fixed whitespace issue on Xbox

0.8.11 (06/2011)
* bugfix: Edit Rom Collection dialog did not save changes in 0.8.10

0.8.10 (06/2011)
* platform.machine() caused errors on some Linux systems

Game Import:
* updated scraper:

2011-12-21 09:20:43 Tree
[54a66c] by amet amet

[] -v 0.8.9

eden-pre version commit

2011-06-04 09:40:31 Tree

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