--- a/metadata.kinopoisk.ru/resources/language/English/strings.xml
+++ b/metadata.kinopoisk.ru/resources/language/English/strings.xml
@@ -1,16 +1,26 @@
 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
-    <string id="30000">Enable TMDb fanart</string>
-    <string id="30001">Add original title to search results</string>
-    <string id="30002">Download russian trailers</string>
-    <string id="30003">Prefer HD</string>
-    <string id="30004">Prefered trailer quality</string>
-    <string id="30005">Add non-rusian trailer</string>
-    <string id="30006">Add TMDB poster</string>
-    <string id="30007">Search IMDB ID</string>
-    <string id="30008">Search IMDB ID with world premier year</string>
-    <string id="30009">Force searching IMDB ID with google</string>
-    <string id="30010">Get rating from KinoPoisk</string>
-    <string id="30011">Get only actors with names translated to russian</string>
-    <string id="30012">Download posters from KinoPoisk.ru</string>   
+	<string id="30100">General</string> 
+	<string id="30101">Show also [ORIGINAL TITLE] in search results</string>
+	<string id="30102">Get rating from</string>	
+	<string id="30103">Get posters from KinoPoisk.ru</string> 	
+	<string id="30104">Get only actors with names translated to russian</string>	
+	<string id="30105">Search IMDB ID</string>
+	<string id="30106">    ��� Search IMDB ID with world premier year</string>
+	<string id="30107">    ��� Force searching IMDB ID with google</string>
+	<string id="30108">    ��� Enable TMDb fanart</string>
+	<string id="30109">    ��� Add TMDB poster</string>
+	<string id="30200">Trailer</string>
+	<string id="30201">Get trailer from KinoPoisk.ru</string>
+	<string id="30202">If trailer and teaser are missing, get any video</string>
+	<string id="30203">Max HD trailer quality</string>
+	<string id="30204">Max SD trailer quality</string>
+	<string id="30205">Get non-Russian trailer</string>
+	<string id="30250">Don't get</string>
+	<string id="30251">Low</string>
+	<string id="30252">Medium</string>
+	<string id="30253">High</string>
+	<string id="30260">If Russian is missing</string>
+	<string id="30261">If it has better quality</string>