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[474a3b] by martin.v.loewis martin.v.loewis

Bump buildno for 2.4.4.

git-svn-id: 6015fed2-1504-0410-9fe1-9d1591cc4771

2006-10-18 06:50:22 Tree
[0b4d70] by anthony.baxter anthony.baxter

preparing for 2.4.4 final

git-svn-id: 6015fed2-1504-0410-9fe1-9d1591cc4771

2006-10-17 16:07:57 Tree
[a86533] by anthony.baxter anthony.baxter

- Bug #1578513: Cross compilation was broken by a change to configure.
Repair so that it's back to how it was in 2.4.3.

Needs to be forward-ported to 2.5 branch and trunk.

git-svn-id: 6015fed2-1504-0410-9fe1-9d1591cc4771

2006-10-17 16:03:36 Tree
[cab8b5] by anthony.baxter anthony.baxter

what month is it again? I get confused...

git-svn-id: 6015fed2-1504-0410-9fe1-9d1591cc4771

2006-10-10 17:28:33 Tree
[0fab24] by anthony.baxter anthony.baxter

preparing for 2.4.4c1

git-svn-id: 6015fed2-1504-0410-9fe1-9d1591cc4771

2006-10-10 16:44:16 Tree
[7fa78d] by anthony.baxter anthony.baxter

note the previous checkin

git-svn-id: 6015fed2-1504-0410-9fe1-9d1591cc4771

2006-10-10 16:43:06 Tree
[fa1d5b] by tim.peters tim.peters

Note that there are no longer warnings when building
_bsddb on Windows (Martin recently repaired that -- thanks!).

git-svn-id: 6015fed2-1504-0410-9fe1-9d1591cc4771

2006-10-10 16:42:09 Tree
[f4d3a2] by anthony.baxter anthony.baxter

Backport 50567
#1494314: Fix a regression with high-numbered sockets in 2.4.3. This
means that select() on sockets > FD_SETSIZE (typically 1024) work again.
The patch makes sockets use poll() internally where available.

git-svn-id: 6015fed2-1504-0410-9fe1-9d1591cc4771

2006-10-10 16:20:41 Tree
[81862b] by martin.v.loewis martin.v.loewis

Ignore libcmt, not msvcrt.

git-svn-id: 6015fed2-1504-0410-9fe1-9d1591cc4771

2006-10-10 13:50:39 Tree
[eb4a55] by anthony.baxter anthony.baxter

Update distutils version number to match the library version number

git-svn-id: 6015fed2-1504-0410-9fe1-9d1591cc4771

2006-10-10 08:10:42 Tree
[d3aa33] by ronald.oussoren ronald.oussoren

fix permission problem in the generated installer

git-svn-id: 6015fed2-1504-0410-9fe1-9d1591cc4771

2006-10-10 07:53:36 Tree
[57efcd] by tim.peters tim.peters

Backport rev 51262 from trunk -- squashes a compiler warning on Windows
about truly wrong code.

Checkin comment from 51262:

Can't return NULL from a void function. If there is a memory error,
about the best we can do is call PyErr_WriteUnraisable and go on.
We won't be able to do the call below either, so verify delstr is valid.

git-svn-id: 6015fed2-1504-0410-9fe1-9d1591cc4771

2006-10-09 23:37:58 Tree
[675e5b] by tim.peters tim.peters

Move fetching of encoding test files from the end of the
Windows builbot's "build" step to the start of its "test"

This is poke-and-hope. The hope is that compilation failures
on Windows will become visible to the buildbot (bsddb has
apparently been failing to compile in 2.4 on Windows "for
some time" now, but the buildbots haven't noticed that).

git-svn-id: 6015fed2-1504-0410-9fe1-9d1591cc4771

2006-10-09 23:18:44 Tree
[989b29] by tim.peters tim.peters

Backport of the pieces of trunk rev 46589 relevant to
fixing an unlikely crash bug in dict resizing, SF
bug 1456209.

The rest of rev 46589 changes whether Python suppresses
exceptions during some dict-related comparisons. While I
think that's a good idea, it does change visible behavior at
times, and there was already some complaining about that on
the trunk. Not a good idea for backporting. The part of
46589 checked in here can at worst stop segfaults, and I doubt
anyone will gripe about that ;-)

git-svn-id: 6015fed2-1504-0410-9fe1-9d1591cc4771

2006-10-09 20:24:45 Tree
[b6180d] by martin.v.loewis martin.v.loewis

Backport r45505, r45573, r45576
- reset errno before calling confstr - use confstr() doc to simplify
checks afterwards
- Correct implementation and documentation of os.confstr. Add a simple
test case. I've yet to figure out how to provoke a None return I can test.
- Address issues brought up by MvL on python-checkins.
I tested this with valgrind on amd64.

The man pages I found for diff architectures are inconsistent on this.
I'm not entirely sure this change is correct for all architectures

Perhaps we should just over-allocate and not worry about it?

The change to return None instead of "" in case of unconfigured
values has not been backported.

git-svn-id: 6015fed2-1504-0410-9fe1-9d1591cc4771

2006-10-09 19:29:06 Tree
[3706e5] by andrew.kuchling andrew.kuchling

[Partial backport of r45947 | neal.norwitz]

Fix problems found by Coverity.

longobject.c: also fix an ssize_t problem
<a> could have been NULL, so hoist the size calc to not use <a>.

[The ssize_t change isn't needed for 2.4. The other changes in this revision
are to modules not present in 2.4. --amk]

git-svn-id: 6015fed2-1504-0410-9fe1-9d1591cc4771

2006-10-09 18:42:49 Tree
[9aae79] by andrew.kuchling andrew.kuchling

[Partial backport of r45947 | neal.norwitz]

Fix problems found by Coverity.

_ssl.c: under fail: self is DECREF'd, but it would have been NULL.

_csv.c: I'm not sure if lineterminator could have been anything other than
a string. However, other string method calls are checked, so check this
one too.

git-svn-id: 6015fed2-1504-0410-9fe1-9d1591cc4771

2006-10-09 18:30:13 Tree
[753de1] by andrew.kuchling andrew.kuchling

[Backport r42951 | guido.van.rossum]

Fix three nits found by Coverity, adding null checks and comments.

[This commit only makes two changes. One change in the original patch
is just adding a comment, and another adds a 'base != NULL' check to
silence Coverity, but a comment adds that that base is never going to
be NULL. I didn't backport that change. --amk]

git-svn-id: 6015fed2-1504-0410-9fe1-9d1591cc4771

2006-10-09 18:19:01 Tree
[411ada] by andrew.kuchling andrew.kuchling

[Bug #1545341] Let the 'classifiers' parameter be a tuple as well as a list.

git-svn-id: 6015fed2-1504-0410-9fe1-9d1591cc4771

2006-10-09 17:15:39 Tree
[53d552] by ronald.oussoren ronald.oussoren

Backport of r52238

git-svn-id: 6015fed2-1504-0410-9fe1-9d1591cc4771

2006-10-08 18:20:10 Tree
[92d523] by ronald.oussoren ronald.oussoren

Backport of missing part of r52229

git-svn-id: 6015fed2-1504-0410-9fe1-9d1591cc4771

2006-10-08 17:43:31 Tree
[ca568f] by ronald.oussoren ronald.oussoren

Port of universal binary support for Mac OSX from python 2.5. This takes away
the need for the out-of-tree universal binary support that was used to build
the 2.4.3 installer.

Missing here relative to that tree are some changes to IDLE, IMHO those patches
aren't appropriate for the 2.4 branch and users are better of using 2.5's IDLE.

git-svn-id: 6015fed2-1504-0410-9fe1-9d1591cc4771

2006-10-08 17:41:25 Tree
[c840c5] by hyeshik.chang hyeshik.chang

Move an old news entry about cjkcodecs to the right place; "Extension

git-svn-id: 6015fed2-1504-0410-9fe1-9d1591cc4771

2006-10-08 14:24:26 Tree
[c10c70] by hyeshik.chang hyeshik.chang

Backport from trunk r52223:

Bug #1572832: fix a bug in ISO-2022 codecs which may cause segfault
when encoding non-BMP unicode characters. (Submitted by Ray Chason)

git-svn-id: 6015fed2-1504-0410-9fe1-9d1591cc4771

2006-10-08 13:56:00 Tree
[624bff] by andrew.kuchling andrew.kuchling

[Backport r43695 | neal.norwitz]

Remove dead code (reported by HP compiler).

Can probably be backported if anyone cares.

git-svn-id: 6015fed2-1504-0410-9fe1-9d1591cc4771

2006-10-06 19:26:14 Tree
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