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 input/output/error pipes and obtain their return codes under
 \UNIX{} and Windows.
-The \module{subprocess} module provides more powerful facilities for
-spawning new processes and retrieving their results.  Using the
-\module{subprocess} module is preferable to using the \module{popen2}
+Note that starting with Python 2.0, this functionality is available
+using functions from the \refmodule{os} module which have the same
+names as the factory functions here, but the order of the return
+values is more intuitive in the \refmodule{os} module variants.
 The primary interface offered by this module is a trio of factory
 functions.  For each of these, if \var{bufsize} is specified, 
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 separate threads to read each of the individual files provided by
 whichever \function{popen*()} function or \class{Popen*} class was
-  \seemodule{subprocess}{Module for spawning and managing subprocesses.}