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--- a/Doc/lib/libcommands.tex
+++ b/Doc/lib/libcommands.tex
@@ -11,11 +11,6 @@
 \function{os.popen()} which take a system command as a string and
 return any output generated by the command and, optionally, the exit
-The \module{subprocess} module provides more powerful facilities for
-spawning new processes and retrieving their results.  Using the
-\module{subprocess} module is preferable to using the \module{commands}
 The \module{commands} module defines the following functions:
@@ -56,7 +51,3 @@
 >>> commands.getstatus('/bin/ls')
 '-rwxr-xr-x  1 root        13352 Oct 14  1994 /bin/ls'
-  \seemodule{subprocess}{Module for spawning and managing subprocesses.}

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