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 1.0.16 - fixed issue with tv episodes where some shows would no longer show any episodes (the format changed from netflix), fixed issue with OSX launching firefox for initial auth (requires firefox to be installed on your system to the apps folder)
 1.0.17 - fixed issue with episodes when pilot is listed, fixed .ca links for Canada Netflix, fixed menu items for Canada Users.. Thanks to qumip for code fixes
 1.0.18 - fixed issue with not all instant queues showing up, fixed write issue with some os's (w+ used now), fixed issue with title's being cut off at the first quote, fixed synopsis not always being parsed if only a short synopsis is available, fixed " and & in title
-1.0.19 - fixed issue with single quote in title name, fixed script error with season number parsing
-1.0.20 - fixed issue with instant queue browse by genre