--- a/plugin.video.trailer.addict/resources/language/English/strings.xml
+++ b/plugin.video.trailer.addict/resources/language/English/strings.xml
@@ -13,10 +13,21 @@
 	<string id="30011">Enter the film's starting letter, word, or release year:</string>
 	<string id="30012">This video is currently not available.</string>
 	<string id="30013">Try searching for the movie.</string>
+	<string id="30014">Add Movie to CouchPotato</string>
+	<string id="30015">[ Library ]</string>
+	<string id="30016">No movies found in the Movie Library.</string>
+	<string id="30017">Trailer</string>
+	<string id="30018">There was an error accessing the Movie Library.</string>
+	<string id="30019">No trailers found for </string>
+	<string id="30049">Enable Play All option</string>
 	<string id="30050">There was a connection error:</string>
 	<string id="30051">If this problem persists, please submit the error report.</string>
 	<string id="30052">Retry</string>
 	<string id="30053">Quit</string>
 	<string id="30054">There was an index error.</string>
 	<string id="30055">Enable default view for Confluence skin</string>
+	<string id="30056">Always ask for download location</string>
+	<string id="30057">Default download location</string>
+	<string id="30058">Please set a default download location.</string>
+	<string id="30059">Download</string>