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--- a/plugin.audio.dr.dk.netradio/resources/language/English/strings.xml
+++ b/plugin.audio.dr.dk.netradio/resources/language/English/strings.xml
@@ -1,17 +1,8 @@
 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
-    <string id="99980">Game over, man! [I]Game over![/I]</string>
-    <string id="99981">You can't handle the truth!</string>
-    <string id="99982">Danger Will Robinson</string>
-    <string id="99983">Why does it cry, SmĂŠagol?</string>
-    <string id="99984">Houston, we have a problem...</string>
-    <string id="99985">E.T. phone home</string>
+    <string id="100">DRs radio stations</string>
+    <string id="101">Other danish stations</string>
-    <string id="99990">Unfortunately an error occurred in the addon.</string>
-    <string id="99991">You can help with fixing the problem by submitting</string>
-    <string id="99992">an error report. No personal information is sent.</string>
-    <string id="99993">Submit error report</string>
-    <string id="99994">Don't submit</string>
-    <string id="99995">Thank you!</string>
+    <string id="900">It was not possible to load the channel list.</string>
+    <string id="901">The error message is:</string>