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--- a/plugin.program.super.favourites/resources/language/English/strings.xml
+++ b/plugin.program.super.favourites/resources/language/English/strings.xml
@@ -20,9 +20,9 @@
 	<string id="30019">Choose Super Folder to copy favourite to</string>
 	<string id="30020">Choose Super Folder to move favourite to</string>
 	<string id="30021">Please enter a new name for this favourite</string>	
-	<string id="30022">Configuration</string>	
+	<string id="30022">Display Settings</string>	
 	<string id="30023">Show New Super Folder item</string>	
-	<string id="30024">Show XBMC Favourites item</string>			
+	<string id="30024">Show XBMC favourites item</string>			
     <string id="30026">Hotkey</string>	
 	<string id="30027">None</string>	
 	<string id="30028">F1</string>
@@ -49,4 +49,36 @@
     <string id="30050">Override context menu</string>
     <string id="30051">Show separator</string>
     <string id="30052">Change playback mode</string>
-</strings>+    <string id="30053">Launch Super Favourites</string>
+    <string id="30054">Super Search</string>
+    <string id="30055">Enable Super Search</string>
+    <string id="30056">Location of Super Favourites folder</string>	
+	<string id="30057">Edit search term</string>
+	<string id="30058">G</string>	
+	<string id="30059">Swipe Left</string>	
+	<string id="30060">Swipe Right</string>	
+	<string id="30061">Swipe Up</string>	
+	<string id="30062">Swipe Down</string>	
+	<string id="30063">Enable Recommendations</string>		
+	<string id="30064">Enable Fanart</string>
+	<string id="30065">          Show in root folder only</string>
+	<string id="30066">[B]Super Search - '%s'[/B] [I](Click to edit search term)[/I]</string>
+	<string id="30067">Edit Super Folder</string>
+	<string id="30068">Edit Super Favourite</string>
+	<string id="30069">Enter password to temporarily unlock %s</string>
+	<string id="30070">General Settings</string>
+	<string id="30071">Cache passwords for</string>	
+	<string id="30072">Never</string>	
+	<string id="30073">1 minute</string>	
+	<string id="30074">5 minutes</string>	
+	<string id="30075">15 minutes</string>	
+	<string id="30076">Add Super Folder lock</string>	
+	<string id="30077">Remove Super Folder lock</string>	
+	<string id="30078">Enter the password to the remove lock from %s</string>	
+	<string id="30079">Enter the password you wish to use to lock %s</string>	
+	<string id="30080">Sorry the password entered was incorrect.</string>	
+	<string id="30081">Super Folder lock has been permanently removed.</string>	
+	<string id="30082">Advanced</string>	
+	<string id="30083">Automatically play playlists</string>	
+	<string id="30084">Play playlist</string>