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[efb7fe] by thomasvs thomasvs

* error out on autotools failures so warnings are caught early on
* clean up AC_OUTPUT
* AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = foreign only needs to be done toplevel
(this can be verified by checking Makefile's generated in other directories
and seeing that the var isn't used)

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2004-07-05 11:13:36 Tree
[8aee33] by xiphmont xiphmont

Updated doc to reflect current proposal...

Not as much a proposal at this point actually; this is the way I'm now
implementing it. Although we're still in the 'RFC'/'look for horrible
lossage' stage, this is close to being set in stone unless we find
something horribly wrong with it.

Doc is still very light on detailed rationale and examples; I'd like
to subcontract that part of the writing and get on with code.

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2004-05-18 06:04:53 Tree
[46b84e] by xiphmont xiphmont

Enough for the meeting, although certainly needs more proofreading.
No doubt the 5/8 meeting will proof it far more thoroughly than I have

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2004-05-08 06:15:13 Tree
[f27c9c] by xiphmont xiphmont

Ongoing work; it occurred to me to not lose it.

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2004-05-08 05:47:45 Tree
[2a7217] by xiphmont xiphmont

a few error corrections, clean up out-of-page notes. Still in progress.

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2004-02-13 08:09:47 Tree
[0c0882] by xiphmont xiphmont

In progress; avoid losing work

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2004-02-13 06:20:57 Tree
[2b1067] by calc calc

build system updates
1. to not ship config_types.h
2. to install new html/rfc files

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2003-10-18 21:17:30 Tree
[b02089] by giles giles

Add the Ogg rfc documents. Not that rfc 3533 describing the Ogg
bitstream format is informational, and our work remains authoritative.

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2003-09-24 11:06:22 Tree
[5bcae7] by calc calc

fix makefile.am to install vorbisword2.png

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2003-09-03 04:45:13 Tree
[7ffa44] by giles giles

fix documentation errors. thanks to David K. Gasaway for pointing out the problem.

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2002-09-29 07:10:37 Tree
[ca7bd7] by giles giles

Correct url for the crc introduction. Thanks to Keith Wright for the fix.

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2002-09-14 18:32:57 Tree
[f16994] by giles giles

Replace confusing libogg 'version' with 'release 1.0'.

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2002-07-19 12:06:15 Tree
[cd24e4] by giles giles

add documentation for new routine ogg_stream_reset_serialno();

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2002-07-19 11:54:50 Tree
[f4a193] by giles giles

bump moddate

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2002-07-19 11:42:08 Tree
[bf1270] by giles giles

Document new oggpack_write*() routines.

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2002-07-19 11:41:16 Tree
[524184] by giles giles

complete a sentence

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2002-07-19 11:40:46 Tree
[c82bf0] by giles giles

Remove obsolete oggpack_*_huff() functions from API documenation.

git-svn-id: http://svn.xiph.org/trunk/ogg@3686 0101bb08-14d6-0310-b084-bc0e0c8e3800

2002-07-19 11:03:39 Tree
[e3f7ec] by giles giles

Propagate changes to vorbisfile documentation.

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2002-07-19 10:50:44 Tree
[4bf6dd] by xiphmont xiphmont

Add missing vorbis logo image

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2002-07-14 23:22:20 Tree
[6d86f6] by xiphmont xiphmont

Updates and spelling corrections

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2002-07-14 08:12:09 Tree
[aa9705] by volsung volsung

Naming fixes.

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2002-07-03 03:10:07 Tree
[6c97a7] by segher segher

lots of extremely minor fixes

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2001-12-20 00:58:45 Tree
[769181] by jack jack

Shame on me for forgetting these.

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2001-12-19 01:25:01 Tree
[0c056f] by jack jack

Documentations updates for RC3 release.

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2001-12-19 00:47:18 Tree
[9f98a1] by xiphmont xiphmont

Documentation correction pointed out by Time Janik

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2001-11-24 06:55:22 Tree
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