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[a3965f] by jsquyres jsquyres

Missed these ones the first time through: apply the same patch that has
been put in all the relevant acinclude.m4 files to the .m4 files that
get installed with the libraries.

Another patch for lazy people (like me).

Make AM_PATH_OGG, AM_PATH_VORBIS, and AM_PATH_AO each a bit smarter.
Each of the three will now also check the $prefix for the location
of their respective libraries/header files. This means that if you're
compiling all 4 things (ao, ogg, vorbis, vorbis-tools) all with the
same $prefix (which is a pretty common case), you don't have to specify
"--with-ao-prefix=this --with-ogg-prefix=really --with-vorbis-prefix=sucks",
you can just specify a single --prefix argument and ditch all the
--with-*-prefix arguments.

However, if you do specify any of the three --with arguments, those are
searched *first* -- the $prefix is searched second.

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2001-02-28 03:24:18 Tree
[4110d1] by jsquyres jsquyres

Allow the user to specify their own CFLAGS and LDFLAGS when they run

If the environment variables CFLAGS and/or LDFLAGS are set, their values
are saved and appended to the values that are set in configure.in.

Example (csh-style, cope):

% ./autogen.sh

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[f13781] by calc calc

Debian edited changelog date

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2001-02-26 20:45:44 Tree
[507d34] by calc calc

Debian copyright updates

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2001-02-26 15:10:57 Tree
[b5b07d] by calc calc

Debian better fix

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2001-02-26 05:28:01 Tree
[7b69ad] by calc calc

Debian more additions

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2001-02-26 05:21:08 Tree
[cd9686] by jack jack

updated cvsignores

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2001-02-26 04:23:30 Tree
[89feba] by jack jack

forgot this in the last commit

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2001-02-26 04:22:40 Tree
[93c85d] by jack jack

update build system for new docs

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2001-02-26 04:22:22 Tree
[3476a7] by jack jack

Added Kim's libogg docs

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2001-02-26 04:06:26 Tree
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