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+<title>libogg - datatype - ogg_page</title>
+<link rel=stylesheet href="style.css" type="text/css">
+<body bgcolor=white text=black link="#5555ff" alink="#5555ff" vlink="#5555ff">
+<table border=0 width=100%>
+<td><p class=tiny>libogg documentation</p></td>
+<td align=right><p class=tiny>libogg - 200011015</p></td>
+<p><i>declared in "ogg/ogg.h"</i></p>
+The ogg_page struct encapsulates the data for an Ogg page.
+Ogg pages are the fundamental unit of framing and interleave in an ogg bitstream.
+They are made up of packet segments of 255 bytes each. There can be as many as
+255 packet segments per page, for a maximum page size of a little under 64 kB.
+This is not a practical limitation as the segments can be joined across
+page boundaries allowing packets of arbitrary size. In practice pages are
+usually around 4 kB.
+<p>For a complete description of ogg pages and headers, please refer to the <a href="../framing.html">framing document</a>.
+<table border=0 width=100% color=black cellspacing=0 cellpadding=7>
+<tr bgcolor=#cccccc>
+	<td>
+typedef struct {
+  unsigned char *header;
+  long           header_len;
+  unsigned char *body;
+  long           body_len;
+} ogg_page;
+	</td>
+<h3>Relevant Struct Members</h3>
+<dd>Pointer to the page header for this page.  The exact contents of this header are defined in the framing spec document.</dd>
+<dd>Length of the page header in bytes.</a>
+<dd>Pointer to the data for this page.</dd>
+<dd>Length of the body data in bytes.</dd>
+<hr noshade>
+<table border=0 width=100%>
+<tr valign=top>
+<td><p class=tiny>copyright &copy; 2001 xiph.org foundation</p></td>
+<td align=right><p class=tiny><a href="http://www.xiph.org/ogg/vorbis/index.html">Ogg Vorbis</a><br><a href="mailto:team@xiph.org">team@xiph.org</a></p></td>
+<td><p class=tiny>libogg documentation</p></td>
+<td align=right><p class=tiny>libogg version - 20011015</p></td>

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