XBMC wins another SourceForge Community Choice Award

XBMC media center were nominated as finalist in this years SourceForge Community Choice Awards (CCA) in no less than seven categories, among those "Most Likely to Change the World" (awarded to Linux) and "Best Project for Multimedia" (awarded to VLC). The winners were announced at a party held as part of OSCON and XBMC won the award for "Best Project for Gamers". The "Best Project" award went to OpenOffice (which was overall winner taking home three awards in total).

Guess XBMC is still more known as that cool media center software which you can run for free on the old Xbox game-console, Most people seem to have missed the news that during the past 12-months XBMC developers been porting XBMC to other platforms so that XBMC now also runs nativly on Linux, Mac and Windows. Now that XBMC is going beyond the original Xbox platform we hope many more users will use XBMC, and hopefully next year XBMC be able to win other categories.

In any case it is great to get this sort of recognition. Team-XBMC would like to thank SourceForge.net and everyone who took the time to vote for XBMC in this years SourceForge Community Choice Awards.

Posted by Andreas Setterlind 2013-06-06

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