I have made a prototype wireless config tool.
It can:
  1. Install wicd daemon silently (with debconf)
  2. Config a wless connection
  3. Test connection

The GUI is very simple, you can only connect to a named ssid. My wicd wrapper can do more stuff (all?), but the GUI is just a first test.

If anyone wants to test:
If your user is not xbmc this have to be changed in settings.

You need wired net while installing wicd in this version.

I have only tested with WPA2 so far.

I have not decided if this should go any further than a prototype. I welcome suggestions.
The major problem is that I cannot get dbus to work in xbmc-python, instead I have to use a shell command to access the wrapper. I don't like that. The whole point with writting the wrapper was to avoid this.

Anyway, it does work and the end result is the same as if wicd-curses or wicd-cli was used. (the wrapper is based on both but mostly -cli that I re-wrote to be accesed from xbmc-addon)
If it should go any further I have to re-write it a bit and parse the stderr & stdout at all steps. Unless of course someone can help deal with the dbus.
I also need help with the gui.
brgds, J