*addon -  script.cdartmanager
*version -  1.5.0
*url -  git://github.com/Giftie/script.cdartmanager.git
*revision -  b4c7554
*branch – Dharma
*xbmc version – dharma
Changes since lase pull(1.2.9)
- clean up excess logging comments, cosmetics
- Request for Update On the Official Repo
for 1.4.9 –> 1.3.0 see below
*addon -  script.cdartmanager
*version -  2.5.0
*url -  git://github.com/Giftie/script.cdartmanager.git
*revision -  5ab89fc
*branch – Eden-Pre
*xbmc version - eden-pre
Eden version is new.
- clean up excess logging comments, cosmetics
- Changed major version number for Pre-Eden Version
- Request addition to Pre-Eden Repo
- correctly place count into testing
- properly handle the exception, turn it into a string, then rip it apart :)
- fixed Local cdART list, show cdART in top left corner
- Opps...  Created another error trying to fix something...
- Added more delay to looking for unmatched albums on MusicBrainz - hope to reduce the chance of being blocked even more
- added better resize code
- changed method of checking if background db is in progress
- Fixed error when checking image size and for some reason the image is corrupt - treat as wrong size
- Fixed unicoded paths
- Added sorting of song paths(helps if multiple copies of albums)
- Changed testing methods of rebuilding of the database
- removed unused setting(Fanart Path)
- Updated Dutch Language - Thanks Machine-Sanctum
- added Background Database Notification and script lock-out if background database building in progress - lock-out works on Windows systems, others stop end database building
- replaced smbclient method with the new xbmcvfs.mkdir()
- Major work done to allow making of directories on samba shares
- dutch language updated
- Fixed Cover Art List - allowed improper downloading of local artwork
- Added Downloaded artwork view for after Auto Download
- Fix error with special Characters in Artist Names
- Added New German Strings - Thanks solidsatras
- Fixed Focus problem
- Fixed database update when downloading artwork
- Fixed Dialog for Fanart and ClearLOGO autodownload
- Added import of missing module
- Script now saves XML files that is retrieved from fanart.tv(reduces traffic to fanart.tv)
- changed Artwork layout, larger images
- Added Autodownload to Fanarts Option - saves fanart to 'Artist/extrafanart' skips if file already exists - based on Music Path in settings
- Added Autodownload to ClearLOGOs Option - Only downloads the first available Logo, skips if one already exists
- Cleaned up skin a bit more(slide out menus line up better)
- Added artwork for Missing cdARTs and Cover Art.
- Added singles to be searched if there is no other album matches(sometimes Musicbrainz reported a single if the album has the same title)
1.3.2 - 1.3.4
- Integrated MusicBrainz - to obtain better accuracy for album matching
- Made skin full screen(1280x720)
- Cleaned up code
- Reduced Log spamming in normal mode(XBMC needs to be in Debug mode for full log)
- Added fanart.tv as artwork source
- Better Unicode handling(I hope)
- Added Album Cover Art work to the mix
- Added Artist FanArt to the mix
- Added Artist ClearLOGOs to the mix
- Removed non GUI code from gui.py(added modules)
- Removed Artist/Album searching
- Added option of building addon's database in the background(selectable from settings)
- Added image size check(cdARTs and Cover Art), if under 1000x1000 and available from fanart.tv, download replacement
- Split Dharma and Eden code to different Git branches
- Fixed UnboundLocal error