How about making a new package instead? Name it "requests1" or something? I maintain one of those (it will definitely break on update of requests). I can probably update my plugin next week, but the problem is that requests v1 is not forward compatible either. For instance Response.json was a property now changed to a method. Unless they're updated at the same time, the plugin will break. But if you're going to do it, I guess it's better to do it now when frodo is still in beta.

On Sat, Dec 29, 2012 at 12:10 AM, Benjamin Bertrand <> wrote:
Hi all,

Requests v1.0.0 was released a few days ago and defines the public API.
Requests 0.13.2 is currently available in eden and frodo repos and is used by the following plugins:

I was thinking about updating it to v1.0.4 for frodo but there are some API changes.
See for details.

You can test your plugin with the new requests available here:

Would all the devs impacted be ok to update their plugin (if needed) for this new release?

That would be a good occasion to update the plugins for frodo (with xbmc.python 2.1.0) ;-)
I could wait a few days for the updates before to do the push.

If your plugin is impacted, please reply.



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