Sorry forgot the xml header. Here is the fixed revision.

*revision - bacb71763b1bb6f0bb0710054c5e4ce97794d00e

On Tue, Feb 11, 2014 at 7:37 PM, Austin's PC Repair <> wrote:
*addon - script.service.twitter
*version - 1.0.0
*url - git://
*revision - 306c2db7d33dae684fc8b27cefa18a9e1a6a9d38
*branch - Master
*xbmc version - Frodo

One question I have about this. Is there any way to also list it under programs? It functions as a service, but the only reason I ask is because if I, as a user, was looking for this type of addon I wouldn't think to look under services. If not thats fine, just add it as is to the services list.