This is the first beta of the next version of the YouTube plugin. With this version we're only aiming for eden and tought it would be easier for users who wanted to help testing if all they had to do was download a nightly build of XBMC. As such we're submitting the beta as a replacement for the current version of the plugin in the eden-pre repo. This version has been tested on OSX, Ubuntu Linux and Windows 7 and should be pretty solid. The change-log is far to long to write up here but there's alot of requested features in there. Highlights include support for playback of youtube live streams, new downloader, support for YouTube's subtitles, new scrapers, proper sorting of subscriptions and play all support for playlists.

version 2.5.0
revision: 869

Version 2.5.0 - Way to long to list here :)

Regards HenrikDK