one that rings alarm bells imediatelly is megaupload

I will not pull this until it has been discussed internally... you know why you want this in , I know why you need this in... and we both know its not for viewing you family vacation videos.


On Sun, Apr 22, 2012 at 7:00 PM, Mike M <> wrote:
Can you explain how you are deeming these file sharing sites illegal? Examples?

I fail to see how you are making this judgement call

They all have disclaimers regarding copyright material and do take down reported material as per they're terms of use agreements. Absolutely none of them promote themselves in a way to harbor piracy, it would be instant suicide for any file sharing host to do so

I think this is stretching the XBMC vs piracy thing a bit too far, and if you apply it to this - a script module which simply resolves the direct url to a given link - then it should be applied to ANY addon which makes use of a file sharing host

Here's some DMCA/Copyright notices:

Putlocker -
180Upload -
Vidxden -
Videobb -
Videoweed -
Uploadc -

Also this script module can be used to resolve links to ANY file/video hosting site... a resolver is about to be created, you don't see this as being useful to anyone?


Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2012 13:59:32 +0400
Subject: Re: [Xbmc-addons] [Git Pull] script.module.urlresolver

I am not comfortable including this in official repo. Most , if not all, are some form of illegal video sharing sites. none of the addons that use these sites would be accepted in the official repo so I fail to see what the point of this is.

anyone else?


On Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 7:51 PM, Mike M <> wrote:
This is a script module to allow all addons to utilize automatic video link resolving of many different video hosting sites

Documentation currently exists here -

Will be copied into the XBMC Wiki when it is created

* addon - script.module.urlresolver
* version - 1.0.1
* url - git://
* revision - 740e83db606a0412d09aacb94eb03a1b195963ef
* branch - master
* xbmc version - eden


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