Hi Cory !

I'll soon upload the addon translation project to Transifex. Seeing the quantity of translators we already have up there, I think translations will go pretty fast for addons as well as the core strings (which are already 100% ready for at least half of the languages, thanks to the new translators we involved). From the daily updated translations github repo,the addon translations will have to go into the addon upstream repositories first. This would take up time, but I think not too much.

So for addons, everything goes the same way as before just the backgropund infrastructure changes to a centralized one.

I hope it is ok for everyone,



2012/6/1 Cory Fields <TheUni@xbmc.org>
The new merge window marks a good time to move to frodo-pre, so I've
created the repository.

I've discussed a few bumps with Jonathan and Martijn, but these have
not yet gone into master. I suggest that we handle all addon bumps,
and firm up guidelines before accepting any frodo-pre PRs.
For that reason, it seems reasonable to hold out until the May window
is closed to begin pushing to frodo-pre.

For skins, that will mean bumping xbmc.gui and requring all frodo
skins to use it, as well as finalizing the discussion on update
breakage policy. And anything else Jonathan has in mind.

For plugins/scripts/others, there are quite a few APIs to bump I
believe (json, python, etc). I think Sascha and Martijn have a good
idea of what needs to happen here.

Bence: Same goes for you, now's the time to bump scraper stuff as necessary.

Also, there's the issue of handling translations for Frodo. Attila /
Arne: What's the current plan of attack?