Pull request for Aeon Nox:
*addon -   skin.aeon.nox
*version - 1.5.0
*url - http://aeon--nox.googlecode.com/svn/trunk
*revision - 949
*branch - trunk
*xbmc version - dharma

As you can see in the changelog, there are quite a few changes, so many files have changed.


- Added view "Carousel".
- Added CDArt en Artist logo to LowList.
- Fixed: cut off label with more than 99 episodes in list view (seasons).
- Added option to enable animated backgrounds only on home window.
- Added missing default buttons in pictures section.
- Added "Manual add to library" button to musiclibrary.
- Added missing default buttons to musicfiles section.
- Unified all select and settings dialogs.
- Fixed special characters not uppercase on home menu.
- Removed animation on playing video in Showcase/Landscape views (caused crashes on some lower-end systems).
- Added support for extrafanart/clearlogos in musiclibrary. Use new skin setting "Path to Music library" in conjuncture with the same setting in cdART manager.
- Skinned CU Lyrics script (code used from Aeon65).
- Music Visualization from Aeon65 now uses Classic Menu font.

- Watched / New overlay toggles no longer requires reload skin.

- "Submenu of movies uses Cinema Experience Script as default" can only be enabled if the cse script is installed.

- Volume dialog no longer shows volume when passthrough is active.

- Added weather submenu with all home window options for the weather widget.
- Added wraplist for DialogVideoInfo, DialogAlbumInfo and SongInfo.
- FileBrowser: removed obsolete labels, added controls 412 and 416.
- New Select dialog.
- New Favorites dialog.

- Changed default layout of high LowList to show only plot/year/runtime. ("Show Info" option added).
- Added Music and Movies genre fanart and icons:
  To activate drop the icons and fanart in the corresponding folders in skin.aeon.nox/extras/genre
  All files are expected to have .jpg extension.

- Weather widget now shows weather plus info if it's the current weather addon.
- Increased font size for plot in VideoInfo.
- Increased font size for plot in recent/random widget.
- Increased font size for plot/album/artist/add-on description in InfoWall

- Seperate Infopanel visibility for tvshows and episodes.

- Added invisible OK button - You can now press OK and/or ESC to exit OK dialog.
- Added invisible Cancel button - You can now press OK and/or ESC to exit progress dialog.
- Synchronize weather labels on home widget.
- Fixed overlapping infolabels in LowList.

- Added weather widget (press up on weather menu when menu is locked in normal position to switch high/low position)
- Added option to show video fanart in Music visualization.
- Added option to show timepanel in Music visualization.

- Fixed thumbs not showing in list view.
- Fixed invisible now playing screen in list view.
- Fixed navigation issues with Random/Latest Posters Widget