Sorry for the quick follow up pull request. Turns out there were some really annoying bugs in previous release. That's what you get for saying it's bug free...
I realize skins are much bigger filesize then scripts, so if this is too soon just put it on hold for a couple of weeks.

 *addon -   skin.aeon.nox
 *version - 1.6.1
 *url -
 *revision - 1134
 *branch - trunk
 *xbmc version - dharma

- Hungarian language updated - thx frodo19
- Fixed scrolling MPAA Rating label in LowList "show info" mode.
- Fixed "New" flag in Stripshow episode view.
- Fixed wrong fallback label in Song Info.
- "Episode" view had no watched/new toggle.
- When TV Show Logo are active icons in Landscape view, TV Show title is replaced with watchcount.
- Show "New" status option only enabled if recently added items are enabled.
- Wall view selectable again in videofiles section.
- Fixed no background in Music files mode.